Eyes Rolled Back In Ecstasy CS

by Colour Bük




In anticipation of our album release on TPOS, Brandon and I want to share a couple of thoughts . First off, a big thank you to Sophia Boothman for the photo of our dearly missed friend, and the permission to print it. Secondly, I want to say something uncharacteristically serious about the cover and concept.
Of course this album is for Eric Mendenhall, who supported and challenged us as musicians, artists, and thinkers. He was simply the best, and was an integral part of our history. As a DJ he was unstoppable, and on several occasions he managed to mix a couple of our ridiculous songs with the obscure house and disco and avant craziness that he was so fond of. To him, music was just the same so long as it had something unique to offer. He is responsible for our sample library and for our turntable experiments.
The title "Eyes Rolled Back In Ecstasy" -aside from being a Beefheart reference, was the title of a compilation Eric was was going to work on with us that would've been one cool little eclectic piece of wax. It's also alluding to the feeling of a kind of music that we loved and relentlessly pursued. A perfect example of this was when we attended the US premiere of anonymous synth drone pioneer Eleh during the TOUCH 30th anniversary concert series held at Our Lady Of Lebanon cathedral. Larry 7 opened and we laid back close to one of the massive sub woofers as the music took over our bodies, and with each slow attack and long sustain we would be sucked into space and spit out again. It was the kind of corporeal experience that we were always thinking of, especially when we imagined the idea for Eyes Rolled Back. We sought to find more music that would take us out of our comfort zones and into bold new territories; and we attempted obsessively.
Eric passed away suddenly, shortly after we began. I was utterly devastated and whatever the fuck this album was just didn't matter anymore. It was the most agonizing pain I have ever experienced.
When Brandon and I were finally ready to try and start working again, I attempted to put the whole situation out of my mind the best I could, but I was never really successful. Eric was still in my dreams, in my writing... still driving my half of colour buk's creativity in a way that I couldn't control. He is always there. As time goes on it becomes easier to celebrate him and his life, rather than focus on the tragedy.
So, this album is a few things. It is all new music recorded, written and put together by Colour Buk. More importantly it is a tribute to a friend who made an immeasurable impact on a band who has had a bit of a rough go of it. This album is homemade and special, and I think it is possibly the best piece of work we have done so far. Eric loved our rock music just as much as our diametric opposite approach to esoteric improvisation and lo-fi hi minded music, all of which are represented here.
Lastly, Eric and I shared a lot. When he wasn't DJing in one of his many apartments in our downtime, or listening to my latest compositions (that I nervously hoped he would approve of) we would simply exist together. For two acutely anxious dudes, finding someone who you could comfortably spend days on end with sleeping, eating, cooking, watching tv and constantly being late to an absurd amount of great shows...including our own, was solace.
This album is his. Love you Eric.


released June 5, 2015

Physical presentation made possible by Malcolm Tent.

Catalogue # TPOS 168

written, recorded, performed, compiled, edited, produced, mastered, blorped, and snorped by Colour Bük

Production and Spiritual Advisory by Crane Beast

Additional voice provided by Lauren Chimento of Renbird: soundcloud.com/renbird/tracks



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Colour Bük New York, New York

New York junk duo Colour Buk First cassette of the city smell soaked. The collapsed guitar and corruption specific sounds smeared with sewer, vocals were coma or rather sleep talking has singing groan and wobbly. Like the Velvet Underground to come hear from deep in the drainage ditch of the old apartment. Is recommended. ... more

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